Bohemia Hop, a.s.

Czech hops worldwide

Bohemia Hop is supplied with hops by the growers from all Czech hop growing regions – Saaz, Auscha, Tirschitz with their hops.

The parent company CHMELAŘSTVÍ (the cooperative of Czech hops growers) provides a comprehensive service for growers and other customers including processing hops and storing them in cold warehouse. All processes and procedures meet and fulfill ISO and HACCP standards to ensure the highest quality of final products.

Bohemia Hop operates in domestic as well as global markets. Beside the hop trading, the company organizes a wide range of educative seminars and promotional events to propagate a renowned name of Czech hops and their uniqueness. Bohemia Hop also participates regurarly in professional trade shows and brewing conferences wolrdwide.




Dear business partners,


Our company is a bearer of Czech hop growing and trading traditions. The quality and uniqueness of Czech hops have been known for many centuries. Both caused the Czech hops have become essential ingredients not only for Czech beers but also for premium brands of significant breweries all around the world. It obligates us to keep going in protecting and further developing of our brand and its products.

Zdeněk Rosa, BA, Board Chairman