Ron Barchet, co-owner of the Victory Brewing Co., invited our team of Bohemia Hop (BH) to a gathering that was held in his newly-built brewery in Parkesburg on 2nd May 2016. Victory welcomed hop growers and traders from USA, Germany, England, Australia, New Zealand and Czech Republic. Delegates from countries mentioned above reported on crop results, hop industry developments and market outlooks. Zdenek Rosa informed about Czech growers and market situations. After the official opening, all attenders had chance to visit and to inspect interiors of the brewery with a production capacity of ten 200-barrel brews per day or a total daily capacity of 2,000 barrels where the majority of Victory beers are now brewed. Besides our team, team of the Hop Research Institute (HRI) and Tomas Hart from The Embassy of The Czech Republic enjoyed this event as well. Afterwards, the party continued in the yard of Victory facility and brewery berwpub.