According to the number published by the Central Instutute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture the hop acreage in the Czech Republic is estimated to be 4 945 ha in 2017. This is an increase of 170 ha. The largest increase (+131 ha) is again seen with the Saaz variety with total acreage 4321 ha, followed by Sladek (+24 ha) with total acreage 291 ha and Kazbek (+12 ha) with total acreage 34 ha. The official final numbers will be available in the end of August.
From autumn of 2012 until spring 2017 the Czech hop growers planted 1 700 ha achieving a total net increase in acreage of 626 ha. This means that 34 % of the current Czech hop acreage is younger than 5 years.

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