Bohemia Hop took part in Craft Beer China 2017 under the patronage of Nürnberg Messe at Shanghai Wolrd Expo Exhition Convetion on 17. – 19. May 2017. This convention has not so long tradition but it could change thanks to increasing number of Craft Breweries in China. Almost 100 exhibitors from 14 coutries participated in CBCE 2017. Bohemia Hop was the only Czech exhibitor participating in a trade show.
Viera Šedivá, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Jindřich Fialka, Director of Department of Foodstuffs , Martin štěpánek, Food Law and Quality Unit and Vladimír Randáček, Embassador of the Czech republic in China visited a stand of Bohemia Hop druing the second day of the show.