The judges chose the fifth Beer Idol

The fifth year of the professional beer tasting competition - the World Beer Idol – was held in Prague at the beginning of January. Beer sommeliers rated submitted beers from 17 countries of the world. The traditional brewery from Bavaria won the competition.

More than 20 representatives of educational brewing organizations such as beer sommelier schools, research institutes, journalists and brewers met. These representatives created testing committees that evaluated aroma, appearance and taste and fullness of flavour of individual beer samples. The judging process was blind. The best beers were awarded bronze, silver and gold medals. Greif Hell beer from Forchheim, Bavaria, became the absolute winner across the beer styles. This unknown brewery achieved similar successes at the European Beer Star in Germany and the World Beer Awards in Britain last year.

Pivovar Svijany and Tradiční Pivovar v Rakovníku were among the Czech successes as the first one was awarded gold medal and the second one silver medal. A total of 9 gold, 16 silver and 21 bronze medals were awarded in total.

Bohemia Hop is a traditional sponsor of World Beer Idol.