In March 2020, a regular conference "Application of the Czech Hops in Brewing" and the 2nd year of an accompanying beer competition Kazbek Cup 2020 were to be held. 37 breweries signed up for the second mentioned event with 43 samples in the categories of bottom fermented (24 samples) and top fermented (19 samples) beers. The annual organizer of this event is BOHEMIA HOP in cooperation with the Hop Research Institute.

During this meeting, Bohemia Hop wanted to present a new product Kazbek PE45 - Kazbek variety in the form of enriched pellets type 45 for dry hopping. Not only do these pellets have a higher content of alpha acids, but they also have a higher content of essential oils.

Although the conference and beer competition could not take place due to government regulations and measures (due to Covid-19 pandemic), we tested beers brewed from Kazbek variety from both pellets type 90 and 45. Our results were checked by accredited laboratories. The Pioneer Brewery also shared their practical experience with us.


The full report can be downloaded here