It was the hop harvest time and fresh hops time again. We were all looking forward to this special time of year, especially this year. After a sad time for brewing in the spring of this year, most of breweries are already back in their full operation. Some brewers decided to spread their beer portfolio among special beer styles. One of the brewing trends that has been here for already several years is brewing wet hopped beer. This way of brewing is not only about marketing and capturing consumer´s attention. It is  about a social and educational interatction between hop growers and brewers. Every year during the time of  harvest Bohemia Hop welcomes many brewmasters in Zatec to select the fresh hops and to pick them by hand. The organization and delivery of fresh hops in rigth time is logistically very difficult and challenging. The wet hops should be delivered to a boil kettle usually within couple of hours after picking. Quite often, one group of brewery staff is mashing while another group is picking the hops. During the meetings at farms, the growers and brewers share their experience and draw inspiration form each other. Bohemia Hop is very proud of organizing these traditional gatherings. We are also very glad that this event has become a tradition for many breweries. Based on our experience and brewer´s response, we are looking forward to organizing it again during 2021 harvest.