BOHEMIA HOP was registered in the commercial register on March 25, 1991.

With its foundation in 1991, BOHEMIA HOP followed up on the activities in the international trade of Czech hops from previous decades when SAAZ hops were traded worldwide under the brand BOHEMIAHOP - CZECHOSLOVAKIA.

BOHEMIA HOP was set up after the 1989 Velvet Revolution as a sales arm of the Czech hop growers cooperative CHMELAŘSTVÍ. The first Chairman of the Board of Directors of BOHEMIA HOP and the Chairman of CHMELAŘSTVÍ, cooperative Žatec, concurrently was František Chvalovský, Sr.  Jaroslav Kareš was elected to be the first director of the company.

The current Board of Directors consists of Zdeněk Rosa (Chairman of the Board), Jiří Mašek (Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors), Lubomír Vent, Pavel Řepík, Radek Gregor, Jaroslav Navrátil and Josef Fric. The commercial director of the company is Vladimir Šeretka.

According to the records of the Board of Directors, representatives of Kirin, Sapporo, Alken-Maes, Interbrew, Guiness or BRAU AG breweries arrived at BOHEMIA HOP for hops selection in the fall of 1991.

In 1991, the main markets, to where BOHEMIA HOP exported Czech hops, were Japan, U.S., Brazil, Belgium, Great Britain, Austria, Germany and Sweden. Over 64% of these exports went to Japan and the U.S.  In the two decades since, China and Russia, along with the fore mentioned countries, have become the main markets for Czech hops. The total production of beer in the world approached 1.2 billion hl in 1991; in 2019, it was already at 1.9 billion hl.


In the last 30 years, BOHEMIA HOP has exported Czech hops directly to 69 countries around the world. The Czech Republic, of course, remains an important market, because Czech hops are the basis of Czech beer.

BOHEMIA HOP is a subsidiary of CHMELAŘSTVÍ, cooperative Žatec, whose members are hop growers from all three hop-growing regions of the Czech Republic. BOHEMIA HOP is, therefore, a part of a comprehensive chain of services for Czech hop growers. In the cooperative, these services consist of plants for the processing and storage of hops, the production of hop mechanization, the construction of hop gardens, and hops purchasing.

BOHEMIA HOP covers both foreign and domestic breweries with its deliveries. The company works very closely with all international brewing groups as well as with the segment of craft breweries. The company regularly presents Czech hops at world beverage exhibitions and also directly at breweries. BOHEMIA HOP regularly cooperates with the Ministry of Agriculture and its Agricultural Attachés and the Hop Growers Union of the Czech Republic as well as with brewing associations, of which it is a member.  

The company's main offer is focused on the Czech hop varieties, namely Saaz, Sládek, Premiant, Kazbek, Agnus, Bohemie, Harmonie, Rubín and Saaz Late. In cooperation with the Hop Research Institute, it actively and systematically works on introducing further Czech varieties to breweries. The new varieties include low-trellis varieties such as Country and Blues, as well as a new range of fine aroma hops Saaz Comfort, Saaz Brilliant and Saaz Shine.

Special and constant attention is given to both the quality of hops supplied and the quality of services provided to breweries. For many years, BOHEMIA HOP is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015. Within CHMELAŘSTVÍ, cooperative Žatec, it is also a HACCP, FDA, Biokont or Kosher certification that are being applied. Moreover, both companies undergo regular audits by international brewing groups.

BOHEMIA HOP has not only many years of experience, but also a very hard-working team that solves the needs of breweries around the world every day.

Current information about the company's activities can be viewed on its website at or on Instagram at bohemiahop_official - #bohemiahop.

We would like to thank the breweries as well as Czech hop growers very much indeed for their cooperation and their long-term trust.