Bohemia Hop visited during the third week of May Japan. Next to traditional visits of the main breweries in Japan (Kirin, Asahi, Sapporo and Suntory) Bohemia Hop took a crucial role in organization of educational seminar for Japanese craft brewers in Sakai.

This event was hosted and organized by the Czech Embassy in Tokyo, Ministry of Agriculture, Czech consulate in Sakai and several Japanese trading companies.

The seminar was started by the Czech Agriculture Ambassador in Japan Mrs. Irena Leopoldova with Mr. Jan Holub representing the Ministry of Agriculture. The expert part of the seminar started with a movie about Czech hop growing industry with Japanese subtitles which was followed by a presentation from Mr. Zdenek Rosa from Bohemia Hop on Czech hop growing industry and Czech hop varieties. Samples of Czech hops were also presented to brewers during the event. The next part connected Czech hops with Czech beer and during an on-line session a presentation was given by Mr. Havrda from Pioneer Beer brewery and Mr. Jan Hervert from the experimental brewery of the Hop research institute with many examples of their beers using Czech hop varieties. The seminar was closed by a wonderful presentation from Mr. Seigo Hideshima from Suntory brewery with details of a great relationship between Japanese breweries and Saaz hops.

The presentations were followed by tasting of Czech beers using several Czech hop varieties and also a sample of Premium Malts from Suntory.