Bohemia Hop participated in a trade show of Craft Brewers Conference and Brew Expo America 2023 having taken place in a second May´s week in Nashville, TN, USA. Beside the trade show, representatives of Bohemia Hop attended several side events of this show.

„The Brewing Like Czechs Do“ event sponsored by the Czech Embassy in DC became, as usually, one of the most popular and most visited events of the show. Almost 600 lovers of the Czech beer style and its culture came to chat and discuss with experts and representatives of Czech companies. Live Oak Brewing Company and Utepils Brewing donored their lagers to this event such as to the same events organized before. Moreover, attendees had an extraordinary opportunity to taste the beer on tap called „Bus Beer“ brewed in a collaboration of Green Bench Brewing Co., Monday Night Brewing, Halfway Crooks, Cohesion Brewing Co., Shilling Beer Co. a Threes Brewing. This beer was inspired by a week spent in Czechia within incoming mission organized by the Czech Embassy and Ministry of Agriculture.
Bohemia Hop displayed at the CBC Brew Expo and the event Brewing like Czechs do Czech hop varieties Saaz, Saaz Shine, Sladek, Premiant, Agnus, Vital and Kazbek.