The Craft Brewers Conference and Brew Expo America 2024 (CBC) held in Las Vegas, experienced a true Czech beer and hop show. Alongside the traditional beer expo and conference, representatives from Bohemia Hop, Ambiente (Lokál, Dva Kohouti, Pult), and LUKR CZ organized additional events focusing on Czech beer culture and beer pouring techniques.

The first event "Beer the Czech Way" took place at Tenaya Creek Brewing Co. Bartenders from Lokál and Pult, part of Ambiente, poured lager-style beers brewed by Lukáš Tomsa from Dva Kohouti in collaboration with Cohesion Brewery and Sacred Profane Brewery. These beers were brewed using traditional Czech methods and ingredients including Czech hops supplied by Bohemia Hop. The line-up also included the Bus Beer lager from Green Bench Brewery brewed exclusively with Saaz hops. Throughout the day, Lucie Janečková led demonstrations of proper Czech beer pouring styles – hladinka (smooth), mlíko (milk), šnyt (schnit) – generating significant interest among attendees.

The beer pouring demonstration was also a highlight of another event, "Brewing Like Czechs Do," organized annually by Tereza Černá, an agricultural diplomat at the Czech Embassy in Washington D.C., and funded by the Ministry of Agriculture. This event, part of the official CBC program, featured presentations by Bohemia Hop on Czech hop varieties such as Saaz, Saaz Shine, Sládek, Premiant, Kazbek, and Agnus.

Both events attracted approximately 750 participants.

On the final day of the conference, Bohemia Hop representatives attended the awards ceremony for the World Beer Cup 2024, where beers were judged in 109 categories. Several breweries we collaborate with on Czech hop deliveries were among the awardees.