Bohemia Hop, as the largest Czech hop trading company, has a long-standing relationship with the Chinese market which became in the past few years export market number one for Czech hops. Bohemia Hop participated at the European promotional event for the 33rd Yanjing Beer Festival in Brno on June 20th.

This event brought together people from various fields cooperating with Yanjing brewery and Shunyi region. During the opening part of the program, Zdeněk Rosa, Chairman of the Board of Bohemia Hop, a.s., had the opportunity to give a speech which was followed by Ms. Olga Bukovičová, the World Heritage Coordinator, representing the town of Žatec and presenting the long-term experience of the hop and beer festival DOČESNÁ organization together with the successful inscription of Žatec and the Žatec hop landscape on the UNESCO World Heritage list.  What would a beer festival promotion be without beer? Yanjing Brewery prepared samples of their beers for the informal part of the program, allowing all attendees to taste their products.