From June 11th to 13th, a representative of Bohemia Hop participated in a significant South American trade fair focused on brewing, held in São Paulo, Brazil. Together with our distributor, we showcased Czech varieties. In addition to traditional hops, visitors to the fair were also introduced to varieties that are not yet well-known in the Brazilian market. The fair registered 8,500 experts from 150 different companies.

During the fair, we established contacts with representatives of the Brazilian Hop Growers Association, who showed great interest in harvest and cultivation machinery of Czech origin. These technologies could significantly support the development of the quality and production of local raw materials, thus contributing to the growth of the local brewing industry. In 2023, hops were grown in Brazil on approximately 112 hectares, with a production of 88 tons.

Our participation in this fair was very successful, and we believe that the newly established contacts and presented products will bring long-term benefits to our company as well as to our Brazilian partners and brewers.