Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, hosted the international brewing conference called Brewers Forum. This event organized by the Brewers of Europe took place from 21st May to 23rd May 2023. The creativity, sustainability, non-alcoholic beers, marketing, quality management, sensory stability and last but not least the process of brewing original Czech lager were the main topics of the conference.

Several speakers and members of committees of the conference, that was opened by Lasso Aho the president of the Brewers of Europe, supported the nomination of the Czech Beer Culture to be inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Bohemia Hop participated in a side trade show of the conference. The visitors could see and sniff the original Czech hop varieties. The last day of the conference, Bohemia Hop together with the Hop Research Institute welcomed the attendees of the conference subscribed for a visit of processing plant of CHMELARSTVI, cooperative in Zatec.